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Sailing Around the UK: Exploring Coastal Beauty and Capturing the Best of Britain


For the past four years, we have embarked on a coastal cruising adventure around the UK, calling our Trident Warrior 38 sailing boat our home. Our journey began in Scotland, traversing the awe-inspiring Scottish lochs and highlands via the Caledonian Canal. From there, we explored the stunning coasts of Ireland before descending to the south coast of England. The breathtaking cruising grounds, from the Isles of Scilly to Lantic Bay and Old Harry Rocks off of Studland Bay, have captured our hearts. In this article, we aim to showcase the beauty of the British coastline and challenge the notion that Britain is not a prime cruising destination. Welcome to our exploration of the very best of Great Britain by water.

Sailing around the UK

Discovering the Majestic Beauty of the British Coastline:

Throughout our journey, we have fallen in love with the remarkable coastal landscapes and the vibrant communities that dot the shores. From the northern regions of Scotland to the southernmost reaches of England, we have witnessed breathtaking vistas and encountered the rich tapestry of coastal life. Our experiences in places like Mevagissey, Lantic Bay, and Hope Cove have been unforgettable, as we embraced the true essence of coastal cruising in Britain.

Showcasing the Hidden Gems:

In our quest to capture the very best of Britain by boat, we noticed a gap in the representation of cruising experiences on YouTube. We took up the mantle to reveal the wonders of coastal Britain, sharing our adventures as Cadoha (Carly, Dom & Hank). With our Trident Warrior 38 as our trusty companion, we set out to showcase the majestic beauty of this country and prove wrong those who underestimate Britain's cruising potential.

Some of our favourite destinations so far sailing around the UK

Below you'll find a tiny snap shot of the kind of magical places that Sailing around the UK can open up for you, as they did for us, although this really is just the tip of the iceberg, if you'd like to see ALL of the places that we've visited and dropped our anchor for a night or two, then be sure to check out our full British Anchorages Guide

Sailing in worbarrow Bay UK

Worbarrow Bay - Dorset 

Sailing into the diver Dart UK

River Dart - Devon



Lulworth Cove Sailing around the UK

Lulworth Cove - Dorset

Answering Common Questions:

1) How long does it take to sail around the UK?


The time it takes to sail around the UK can vary based on factors such as weather, route, and cruising pace. Generally, it could take several months to complete a circumnavigation, allowing for ample time to explore coastal attractions and communities.

2) What is the best time of year to sail around the UK?


The best time to sail around the UK is during the summer months (June to September), when the weather is generally more favorable and daylight hours are longer. However, careful planning and attention to weather forecasts are essential throughout the year.

3) How many miles is it to sail around the UK?


The approximate distance to sail around the UK's coastline is around 2,500 nautical miles. However, this can vary depending on the route chosen and deviations made to explore specific areas of interest.


4) What is the best direction to sail around the UK?


The direction to sail around the UK can be a matter of personal preference. Many sailors opt for a clockwise route, starting from the east coast and heading north, while others prefer an anticlockwise route. Both directions offer their unique charms and challenges.

5) What is the fastest time to sail around the UK?


The fastest recorded time to sail around the UK is approximately 14 days, but this requires optimal weather conditions, skilled crew, and a focused, non-stop approach. It is important to note that a more leisurely pace allows for better exploration and enjoyment of coastal attractions.

6) Do I need a license to sail in the UK?


There is no specific license requirement for recreational sailing in the UK. However, acquiring sailing certifications and training from organizations like the Royal Yachting Association (RYA) is highly recommended for safety and enhancing sailing skills.

7) Why should you sail at night?

Sailing at night can offer unique experiences, such as peacefulness, reduced boat traffic, and a chance to witness stunning celestial displays. However, it requires additional navigational skills, proper safety measures, and appropriate lighting equipment to ensure safe passage.

So of our stops sailing around the UK on the map

The map below contains clickable links (anchor pictures) for all of the anchorages we've stayed in not only in the solent, but also some great spots in Dorset too. Be sure to check them all out to get a feel for these places before potentially going to explore some of them yourself. There are even more anchorages on our full British Anchorages Guide.




East Dorset
& The Solent

Sailing Around The UK (Portland to Hope Cove)
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