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Netley Abbey

Anchoring Free

Netley Abbey anchorage is set on Southampton Water, in the Solent. Southampton water itself is very heavily trafficked with vessels of all shapes and sizes which do create a far amount of wake.


Truth be told this wasn't so much a destination for us but rather somewhere we just popped and stayed the night after being on the hard for so long, recovered from a bought of Covid, and just wanted to 'get away from to all', for a night when we were relaunched that is, and this was a half hour sail away.

The shingled beach is easily reached on the tender and then there's plenty of space for Hank to run around. Netley Abbey itself has a really interesting history, worth looking up and what remains of her ruins are quite remarkable.


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Hanks Walk

5 Fun Facts About Netley Abbey

  1. Historical Ruins: Netley Abbey is the ruins of a medieval Cistercian monastery located in Hampshire, England. Founded in 1239, it was one of the wealthiest monasteries in England before its dissolution in 1536. The ruins provide a glimpse into the architectural splendor and religious significance of the abbey during the Middle Ages.

  2. Gothic Architecture: The abbey is renowned for its stunning Gothic architecture. The remains showcase intricate stone carvings, soaring arches, and beautiful vaulted ceilings. The abbey's chapter house, in particular, is an impressive example of Gothic design. Visitors can explore the ruins and appreciate the craftsmanship of the medieval stonemasons.

  3. Literary and Artistic Connections: Netley Abbey has inspired numerous artists and writers throughout history. It was a subject of interest for Romantic poets, including John Keats and William Wordsworth, who found inspiration in its picturesque setting. The abbey's romantic allure also attracted painters and illustrators, who captured its haunting beauty on canvas.

  4. Haunted Legends: Like many ancient ruins, Netley Abbey has its share of ghostly legends and tales. Over the years, stories have emerged of ghostly monks and spectral figures wandering the ruins. The atmospheric setting and the abbey's rich history contribute to the eerie reputation and make it a popular spot for ghost hunters and paranormal enthusiasts.

  5. Natural Surroundings: Netley Abbey is located near the shores of Southampton Water, providing a picturesque backdrop to the ruins. The surrounding area offers scenic coastal walks and views across the water. Nearby, Royal Victoria Country Park provides a peaceful setting for picnics, leisurely strolls, and outdoor activities.


These facts showcase the historical and architectural significance of Netley Abbey, its influence on literature and art, its haunted legends, and its natural surroundings. A visit to Netley Abbey allows you to step back in time, explore the atmospheric ruins, and appreciate the beauty and cultural heritage of this historic site in Hampshire.

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