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Netley Abbey

Anchoring Free

Netley Abbey anchorage is set on Southampton Water, in the Solent. Southampton water itself is very heavily trafficked with vessels of all shapes and sizes which do create a far amount of wake.


Truth be told this wasn't so much a destination for us but rather somewhere we just popped and stayed the night after being on the hard for so long, recovered from a bought of Covid, and just wanted to 'get away from to all', for a night when we were relaunched that is, and this was a half hour sail away.

The shingled beach is easily reached on the tender and then there's plenty of space for Hank to run around. Netley Abbey itself has a really interesting history, worth looking up and what remains of her ruins are quite remarkable.


Screenshot 2023-01-02 at 22.57.08.png

Hanks Walk

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