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Chapmans Pool Anchorage Dorset

Anchoring Cost - Free!

Chapmans Pool anchorage, along the Jurassic Coast in Dorset is another absolute treasure of a stop. This place feels remote and wild, with the exception of a couple of boat houses to the east of the bay, it remains largely untouched by modernity.

There's nothing here at all in terms of supplies so be sure to bring everything you think you'll need, in advance. You have a couple of great hikes straight off of the beach which lead to magnificent views of the bay. If you follow the trail from the beach and take the right hand fork then you can eventually walk to a beautiful little village called 'Worth Matravers' which feels quintessentially English country garden, with beautiful flowers everywhere, a duck pond and quaint tea room to get some refreshments before you simply sit back and enjoy the atmosphere.

Chapmans Pool Anchorage in Dorset

Getting the anchor set took us a couple of attempts but once dug in we didn't move. Beware that there do seem to be lots of small rocks in the anchorage, littered on the seabed in the middle of the anchorage. nothing to worry about hitting, but there certainly seems to be some snag potential going on in the anchorage. However, the water isn't very deep at low water, so provided you're happy to jump in and unfoul your anchor, should you need to, then you will be fine. I thought about using a trip line here, but truth be told the anchorage is so snug that I could see the trip line possibly causing more problems than it solves with other boats all tucked in quite close to one another.

Another cautionary tale would be to perhaps not land your dingy directly under a loose looking cliff as when we first got to Chapmans pool we witnessed a landslide which only narrowly missed a family on the beach and would have destroyed any tender that lay directly beneath it, which you'll see in the video below.

I worry I'm not really selling this place, which I imagine many regular visitors to this spot may appreciate, because with the right weather, this anchorage really is an awe inspiring stop.

Our Time There

The Anchorage 

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Hanks Walk

5 Fun Facts About Chapmans Pool - Dorset

  1. Geological Marvel: Chapmans Pool is a unique geological feature along the Jurassic Coast. It is a natural cove formed by a collapsed cliff, creating a picturesque circular inlet. The rugged cliffs and rocky shoreline make it a captivating sight for visitors.

  2. Secluded and Tranquil: Chapmans Pool is known for its remote and peaceful atmosphere. Due to its challenging access, it remains relatively quiet and undisturbed compared to other beaches in the area. It's an ideal spot for those seeking a tranquil seaside experience.

  3. Fossil Hunting Haven: The surrounding cliffs of Chapmans Pool are rich in fossils, offering a fantastic opportunity for fossil hunting enthusiasts. The area is known for its fossilized ammonites, belemnites, and other prehistoric marine life, making it a haven for paleontological discoveries.

  4. Fishing and Wildlife: The calm and sheltered waters of Chapmans Pool attract anglers who enjoy fishing for mackerel, bass, and other marine species. It is also a haven for wildlife, including seabirds and marine creatures such as seals and dolphins, adding to the area's natural allure.

  5. Coastal Walking Paradise: Chapmans Pool is part of the South West Coast Path, a renowned long-distance walking trail that spans the entire Jurassic Coast. Visitors can embark on scenic coastal walks, taking in breathtaking views of the rugged cliffs and the vast expanse of the English Channel.

With its geological wonders, tranquility, fossil hunting opportunities, fishing potential, and scenic coastal walks, Chapmans Pool offers a captivating and diverse experience for nature enthusiasts and explorers alike.

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