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We thought we'd build a little site to shed some light on who we are, why we're exploring the world this way, and what motivates two utterly clueless land lubbers to learn how to do all the work that goes into running, maintaining, and sailing a tiny plastic boat around the world, whilst living together in such a tiny home. 

Other than a totally self indulgent joy ride, is there a point to all this? We hope so, we've thought long and hard about how we could create something of value, something that has some meaning, dare we say something important? If you'd like to know more then check out our mission statement for the Cadoha 'project'.

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Our Story

How did two complete land lubbers with no sailing experience whatsoever, who both suffer from seasickness, end up on this adventure?


Instagram (s)

For the most up to date pictures of where we  are and what's going on, Carly is rapidly becoming quite the Instagram queen and can regularly be found updating her pages.


The Shop

Shop our range of merchandise, including handmade dog leads, collars and bracelets.


Our Boat

Find out more about our awesome boat. Other than Hank, she is the star of the show!

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Patreon Post

We send our friends, family, and supporters ​postcards that we buy from wherever the adventure happens to have taken us at the time.

A more personal way to keep you updated 

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Live on BBC

Listen to us being interviewed live by Pippa Quelch on BBC Radio



All of our videos are listed in order and broken down into various playlists so you can easily pick up our adventure at any point.


The Crew

Find out more about who we are, and why we've decided to explore the world by sail boat




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Coming Soon

Coming Soon


Did you know....... Morgan Freeman is a huge sailing fan? 

A HUGE thank you to the utter legend that is the voice over king, Charlie. His array of impressions are so amazing! If anyone is interested in hiring the guy, for all kinds of different voice work jobs, then I hope he gets some kick back from this mention. You can find him here. He is so amazingly talented, a really funny guy who can do so many awesome impressions. Check him out here, and feel free to let him know we sent you 😁: Celebrity Impressions Narrator