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Welcome Aboard......

Let us share with you who we are, what our plans are, why we're doing what we're doing, our hopes and goals, our favourite destinations so far, why and so much more. Hopefully this website will grow into a great resource which hopefully provides some value for you and others out there, if you sail these waters or are thinking of doing so, or if you're simply here to get to know is a little better then you've certainly come to the right place.

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Our Story

How did two complete land lubbers with no sailing experience whatsoever, who both suffer from seasickness, end up on this adventure?



All of our videos are listed in order and broken down into various playlists so you can easily pick up our adventure at any point.


The Crew

Find out more about who we are, and why we've decided to move onto a boat and spend so much of our lives now living at anchor.


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Here you'll find a comprehensive list of all the anchorages we've ever dropped the hook in with Cadoha.

Let us help you find your next great stop.


Instagram (s)

For the most up to date pictures of where we  are and what's going on, Carly is rapidly becoming quite the Instagram queen and can regularly be found updating her pages.


The Shop

Shop our range of merchandise, including handmade dog leads, collars and bracelets.

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Project 365

Our mission to build out Cadohas systems to be long term off grid, in order for her to be a 'bug-out' survival vessel. Come see if we can manage a full year totally unplugged from the grid.

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Patreon Post

We send our friends, family, and supporters ​postcards that we buy from wherever the adventure happens to have taken us at the time.

A more personal way to keep you updated 


Our Boat

Find out more about our awesome boat. Other than Hank, she is the star of the show!

Did you know....... Morgan Freeman is a huge sailing fan? 

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