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Embracing Sustainable Living: Our Journey on a Mortgage-Free Sailing Boat


In our pursuit of a sustainable lifestyle, we chose to leave the rat race and embrace a mortgage-free life on an old sailing boat, the Trident Warrior 38. This decision allowed us to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels and harness the power of wind, making our home a vessel of sustainability.

This planet is the only home our species has and we felt it was time to do our part to lift at least some of the burden on it.

our sustainable living floating home a sail boat

Green Power

Living sustainably meant considering every aspect of our lives, including power generation. We installed 1750w of solar panels on our boat for summer months and relied on a log-burning stove for warmth and cooking during winter.

solar power on our sailing boat

Sustainable Food Sourcing 

Food sourcing was another crucial aspect. To avoid supporting destructive commercial fishing, I learned spearfishing, an environmentally conscious and selective method.

This didn't come easy at first and it's safe to say that Carly and I lost a little weight in the early days but along with the reward of learning the amazing new skill of spearfishing in Cornwall, also comes a bounty of food!

How Life Has Changed Since Living Sustainably 

sustainable living food harvesting

Our alternative lifestyle has brought us freedom from conventional norms, debt, and mortgages. We cherish the simplicity of our floating home, enjoying the adventure during warmer months and cozy retreats in winter. 

So many of the challenges we faced whilst trying to figure out how to live more sustainably were made all that much easier with the help of YouTube, it really has been our sustainable living university!

From learning how to install solar, to figuring out how to safely install a log burning stove, we found all the answers we needed. Living off grid during the summer is fairly easy but figuring our how to make our floating home cozy and inviting during the winter, in the UK, well that was quite another, but I think we pulled it off!

Exploring the UK's free anchorages in places like St. Mawes, Porth Scatho, Porthcurno, the Isles of Scilly, Hope Cove, Studland Bay, and Worbarrow Bay has added richness to our sustainable journey.

Answering Your Questions:

living free in our sustaiable living floating home
off grid winter home on a sustainable sailing boat
  1. What is meant by sustainable living? Sustainable living refers to a lifestyle that minimizes the use of natural resources, reduces environmental impact, and promotes ecological balance for present and future generations.

  2. What are the 7 principles of sustainable living? The seven principles of sustainable living include waste reduction, energy efficiency, water conservation, responsible consumption, biodiversity preservation, community engagement, and social equity.

  3. What are 10 ways to be more sustainable? Some ways to be more sustainable include reducing waste, conserving water and energy, using renewable resources, supporting local and sustainable food systems, practicing eco-friendly transportation, promoting recycling, minimizing single-use plastic, embracing minimalism, and advocating for sustainable policies.

  4. How can we live a sustainable life? Living a sustainable life involves making conscious choices in various aspects, such as reducing consumption, conserving resources, adopting renewable energy sources, supporting ethical and local products, practicing eco-friendly transportation, promoting biodiversity, and engaging in community initiatives.

  5. How can I live a sustainable life in the UK? To live a sustainable life in the UK, one can focus on energy efficiency in homes, utilize renewable energy sources, support local and sustainable food production, minimize waste through recycling and composting, practice eco-friendly transportation, engage in community initiatives, and advocate for sustainable policies.



This The Reality of Our New Sustainable Way of Life


Our journey into sustainable living on a mortgage-free sailing boat has been a transformative experience. By prioritizing renewable energy, conscious food choices, and embracing an alternative lifestyle, we have discovered a new way of living that is both fulfilling and environmentally responsible. We have learned to appreciate the power of wind, the beauty of self-sufficiency, and the joy of exploring the UK's natural treasures. Sustainable living is not just a lifestyle; it's a mindset that empowers us to make conscious choices for the well-being of our planet. As we continue our voyage, we hope to inspire others to embark on their own sustainable journeys, finding freedom, purpose, and harmony with nature along the way.

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