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Embracing Freedom: Living Mortgage-Free on a Cheap Sailing Boat


Imagine a life free from the burden of mortgages and financial stress. We took a leap of faith, sold everything, and purchased a cheap sailing boat to live on, unlocking the key to a mortgage-free existence. In this article, we'll share our journey of embracing the freedom that comes with living aboard and how it has transformed our lives.

Making the Leap: Affordable Boat Living

Our boat, a Trident Warrior 38, became our sanctuary. Costing us £40,000, it proved that you don't need a fortune to find a lovable vessel. By putting in hard work and research, you can uncover affordable options that fit your needs. We realized that sailing was not just a hobby; it was a means to financial liberation.

Living on Anchor: Maximizing Savings

To minimize costs, we embraced an anchor-dwelling lifestyle whenever possible. By anchoring in beautiful coastal locations for free, we experienced the thrill of waking up to breathtaking views every day. During inclement weather, we sought refuge in paid marinas or moorings, ensuring our safety and comfort.

Sailing Adventures: Coastal Exploration and Thrifty Living

Throughout the warmer months, we embarked on captivating journeys along the British coast. Spearfishing, foraging, and gathering became our way of life, ensuring fresh and affordable meals. By immersing ourselves in nature, we not only reduced food costs but also deepened our connection to the sea.

Harnessing the Sun: Renewable Energy for Self-Sufficiency

To further reduce expenses, we installed 1750w of solar panels on our boat. This ingenious move allowed us to generate all the electricity we needed, contributing to a sustainable and cost-effective lifestyle. We became more self-sufficient, relying less on external sources for power.



Favorite Destinations: Exploring Coastal Gems

Devon, Cornwall, Dorset, and the Isles of Scilly became our playgrounds as we sailed along the British coast. Within these regions, we discovered beloved anchorages such as Porthcurno, Porthscatho, Falmouth, Hope Cove, Salcombe, Studland Bay, and the River Dart. Each place offered its unique charm, beckoning us to explore and connect with the local communities.



living mortgage free on a cheap boat
living mortgage free and off-grid
livng mortage free and catching our own food
living mortgage free with solar power
exploring porthcurno cornwall

Is it Worth Living Mortgage-Free?

Living mortgage-free has transformed our lives. The freedom from financial constraints and the ability to chart our own course has brought us immeasurable joy and peace of mind. The absence of mortgage payments has allowed us to focus on experiences, personal growth, and the pursuit of our passions.



mortgage free and doing the annual food shop

How to Live Mortgage-Free: Tips for Financial Freedom

Living mortgage-free is achievable with careful planning and determination. Consider these steps:

  1. Assess your finances and set clear goals.

  2. Cut unnecessary expenses and save diligently.

  3. Explore alternative living options like living aboard a boat or downsizing to a smaller property.

  4. Embrace sustainable practices to reduce costs, such as renewable energy sources.

  5. Continuously educate yourself on personal finance and seek advice from experts.


Take a Tour of Our Boat!!


Living mortgage-free on a cheap sailing boat has granted us financial freedom and opened doors to incredible adventures. By choosing alternative living solutions, embracing sustainability, and adopting a frugal mindset, we've found a way to escape the shackles of mortgages and live life on our own terms. Embrace the possibilities, plan wisely, and embark on a journey towards a mortgage-free existence that offers a world of opportunities and fulfillment.

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