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St Mawes - Cornwall

Anchoring - FREE

The amazingly pretty anchorage of St Mawes is just across the water from Falmouth but feels a million miles apart in terms of it's culture. 

St Mawes has good holding and protection in North through to easterlies. There's a mixture of paid moorings and places to anchor but there's always been plenty of room to get in.

There's a large amount of recreational boat traffic here, mixed in with a few fishing vessels and a regular ferry to and from Falmouth. 

St Mawes itself has a floating pontoon which is free for 20mins or £5 for the day (in 2022), there is no in between. If you head over to the other side of the anchorage you can pull your dingy up on the beach and head off on amazing walks, but do take care not to get caught out on a sharp, jagged reef by the tide, it's a real pain, ask me how we know?

Sailing boat anchored in St mawes anchorage in cornwall

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5 Fun Facts About St Mawes - Cornwall

  1. Historic Castle: St. Mawes is home to St. Mawes Castle, an impressive artillery fort built by Henry VIII in the 16th century. The castle was strategically positioned to protect the entrance of the River Fal and Carrick Roads. It offers panoramic views of the coastline and the estuary, and visitors can explore its well-preserved ramparts, gun decks, and interactive exhibits.

  2. Sailing and Maritime Heritage: St. Mawes has a strong maritime heritage and is renowned for its sailing and boating activities. The town hosts various sailing events and regattas, attracting sailors from around the world. The annual Falmouth Classics Regatta, which includes races and parades of classic and traditional boats, is a highlight of the maritime calendar.

  3. Coastal Scenery and Beaches: St. Mawes is located on the picturesque Roseland Peninsula and offers stunning coastal scenery. The town is nestled in a sheltered bay with panoramic views of the sea and the neighboring St. Anthony Headland. There are beautiful sandy beaches nearby, such as St. Mawes Beach and Tavern Beach, which are perfect for relaxing, swimming, and enjoying the coastal ambiance.

  4. Historic Architecture: St. Mawes features charming historic architecture, including quaint cottages, Georgian and Victorian houses, and elegant waterfront properties. The narrow streets are lined with shops, galleries, and restaurants, adding to the town's character and charm. The architecture reflects the town's rich history as a fishing village and later as a popular seaside resort.

  5. St. Mawes Ferry: St. Mawes is connected to the town of Falmouth by a regular ferry service, known as the St. Mawes Ferry. The ferry offers a scenic journey across the Carrick Roads, providing views of the coastline and passing sailboats. It is a convenient and enjoyable way to travel between the two towns, and visitors can appreciate the beauty of the estuary during the crossing.

These facts highlight the historical significance, maritime heritage, coastal beauty, and charming character of St. Mawes in Cornwall. Whether you're interested in exploring its historic castle, enjoying water sports and sailing, admiring the coastal scenery, or immersing yourself in the town's ambiance, St. Mawes offers a delightful experience for visitors.

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