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Salcombe Harbour - Devon

Anchoring - Charged

Salcombe is a beautiful destination, no question. As soon as you sail in you immediately know that you've entered a playground for the rich and famous and for good reason, it's stunning. 

However, with a highly attractive area comes a lot of people and so this is possibly one of the busiest places (outside of the Solent) that we've visited so far. 

Upon entering the harbour there are a large selection of moorings dotted about and the first thing you notice is how packed they are. Every rental mooring had at least two boats on them, with three being a common sight too. 

It was for this reason that we ventured further up the river to an anchorage known as 'The Bag' (which you can see in this picture) which had great holding and a little more tranquility. From here it's about 5-10 mins on the dingy to get into town.

Anchoring spot just past salcombe in devon
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5 Fun Facts About Salcombe Harbour - Devon

  1. Sailing and Watersports Haven: Salcombe is a renowned destination for sailing and watersports enthusiasts. The town is located on the picturesque Salcombe Estuary, which provides a sheltered and scenic environment for sailing, kayaking, paddleboarding, and other water-based activities. Salcombe Yacht Club is a hub for sailing events, and the town hosts the popular Salcombe Regatta each year.

  2. Stunning Coastal Setting: Salcombe is set in a stunning coastal location in South Devon. The town is surrounded by beautiful sandy beaches, rugged cliffs, and crystal-clear waters. The Salcombe Estuary, with its tree-lined shores and tranquil creeks, offers breathtaking views and opportunities for coastal walks and exploration.

  3. Salcombe Gin: Salcombe is famous for its connection to Salcombe Gin, a premium gin brand inspired by the town's maritime heritage. The gin is distilled locally and incorporates botanicals sourced from around the world. Salcombe Gin Distillery offers tours and tastings, allowing visitors to learn about the gin-making process and sample the award-winning spirits.

  4. Maritime History: Salcombe has a rich maritime history, shaped by its role as a busy trading and fishing port. In the past, the town was a hub for shipbuilding, boatbuilding, and fishing industries. Today, remnants of its maritime heritage can be seen in the charming waterfront properties, historic buildings, and the Salcombe Maritime Museum, which showcases the town's seafaring past.

  5. Salcombe Dairy Ice Cream: Salcombe is also known for its delicious ice cream. Salcombe Dairy has been producing high-quality ice cream since 1981, using local ingredients and traditional methods. Their ice cream flavors, including classics like vanilla and chocolate as well as unique offerings like Salcombe Mud Pie, have gained popularity and are enjoyed by locals and visitors alike.


These facts showcase Salcombe's reputation as a sailing and watersports haven, its stunning coastal setting, its association with Salcombe Gin and Salcombe Dairy Ice Cream, and its rich maritime history. Whether you're interested in water activities, coastal walks, culinary delights, or immersing yourself in the town's history, Salcombe offers a memorable experience on the South Devon coast.

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