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Our Mission 

In a search for meaning, a reason why, for putting together all of these videos and sharing our story, we've decided that our goal is to try and showcase the very best of social media, and it's awesome potential.

No one asked any of us if we were ok with being hyper connected, it all kind of just happened, and the world now seems like a very different place to the world we remember just 20yrs ago.  It's certainly very different to the world we grew up in as children.


There are so many aspects to being hyper connected that seem clear to have detrimental consequences to peoples wellbeing, from online cyber bullying, comparing our lives to the perfectly manicured, momentary snapshots of others, to losing days on end trying to level up on 'Candy Crush'. 

However, sometimes I have to pinch myself that I happen to have just about all of the knowledge known to man, in my pocket, accessible at almost anytime. How remarkable a thing is that? 

One of the things that Carly and I have in common is the fact that we're both dyslexic, reading and writing is, well,  just that bit more difficult for us both, which is hilarious when we 'proof read' each others work, it's like the blind leading the blind (thank goodness for predictive text). 


Yet due to the wonderful nature of modern technology, and just the right amount of technical aids, we're able to communicate fairly well through the written word. This kind of learning difficulty makes things like higher education and getting into it, just that much harder, but again, we're now able to listen to an Oxford or Harvard professor give a lecture on a subject that we may find fascinating to listen to, an experience that was almost out of reach in the not too distant past. As far as access to knowledge goes and who has it, the world has changed so much, in such a short space of time.

How do we choose to use this super power???

Our goal is basically a real time social experiment, to see if YouTubes' two most clueless yachties can get a little plastic boat around the world (with Hank, of course), with a huge amount of help, tapping into the collective sailing community hive mind.

Can we learn to fix engines, repair sails, passage plan better, maintain our boat, over come obstacles easier, all by utilising this incredibly powerful tool that many of us take for granted?

It's our sincerest hope that we succeed in our mission, and by success I don't just mean that we get Cadoha across the pond in one piece, although that would be a great start, we hope that we reach a few people out there who perhaps happen to be on the fence about pulling the trigger on their own 'insurmountable' feeling goals in life.

Screenshot 2020-04-18 at 21.43.29.png

The moral of the story is this, if we can do it, you (whoever you are reading this, wherever you are), you almost certainly can then, too!!


We hope you'll join us on our journey, an adventure that celebrates the extreme good fortune we have to be alive in this moment in time and the possibilities and potential that many of us have at our finger tips, in this new world.

If you'd like to help support this project of show casing the very best that the internet and social media has to offer people, then you can do so by checking out our how to support us page.

You can of course support us totally free of charge by simply hitting that subscribe button below, just take a second now and quickly give it a click (if you haven't already subscribed) then feel free to check out the rest of the site 😁😁😁

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