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Trefusis Point

Anchoring Charged!

Located on the opposite side of the river to Falmouth is a place called 'Flushing' and the water directly off of there which you can anchor is called 'Trefusis Point'. This anchorage has only recently become another paid spot and we understand that it's about £10 per night for a 38ft boat.

Away from the hustle and bustle of Falmouth this spot is an easy dingy ride to the beach where you're again spoiled for breath-taking walks and depending how fit you're feeling you can walk right round to the little village of 'Myler'.

Trefusis Point anchorage cornwall

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Hanks Walk

5 Fun Facts About Trefusis Point - Cornwall

  1. Stunning Coastal Location: Trefusis Point is located on the south coast of Cornwall, near Flushing and Falmouth. It offers breathtaking views of Falmouth Harbour and the Carrick Roads, with panoramic vistas of the surrounding coastline and the open sea. The point is known for its picturesque beauty and is a popular spot for scenic walks and enjoying the coastal scenery.

  2. Trefusis Estate: Trefusis Point is part of the Trefusis Estate, a historic estate that has been in the same family for over 400 years. The estate covers extensive land and encompasses woodlands, farmland, and coastal areas. The Trefusis House, a grand Georgian mansion, is situated nearby and is a prominent feature of the estate.

  3. Wildlife Haven: Trefusis Point is a haven for wildlife and nature enthusiasts. The coastal area surrounding the point is home to a variety of bird species, including seabirds, waders, and migratory birds. Visitors may spot species such as herons, oystercatchers, and curlews. The nearby woodlands also provide habitat for woodland birds and other wildlife.

  4. Coastal Walks: Trefusis Point is a starting point for scenic coastal walks. The South West Coast Path passes through the area, offering opportunities for leisurely strolls along the rugged coastline. The path leads to other beautiful locations, such as Mylor Harbour and the picturesque village of Flushing, allowing visitors to explore more of Cornwall's coastal charm.

  5. History and Heritage: Trefusis Point has historical significance, with traces of its past evident in the landscape. The area was once a strategic location for defending the entrance to Falmouth Harbour. The remains of an ancient fortification, known as Penarrow Battery, can be seen on the point. The battery was built during the Napoleonic Wars to protect the harbor from potential French attacks.

These facts showcase the natural beauty, wildlife, history, and coastal walks that make Trefusis Point an interesting destination in Cornwall. Whether you're interested in enjoying the stunning views, spotting wildlife, exploring historic sites, or embarking on coastal adventures, Trefusis Point offers a memorable experience on the South Cornish coast.

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