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Talland Bay - Cornwall

Anchoring Cost - FREE

Talland Bay was originally a 'back-up' destination for us on our journey to 'Looe'. As it happened we ended up skipping Looe as it seems to hard to get Hank to shore and carried on to this beautiful place and boy are we glad we did.

The amazing reef that runs all around the anchorage provided hours of fun snorkelling, the Anchorage was again completely empty of boats and the stunning coastal walks were magnificent, regardless of which direction you chose, although if you ask us, the westward path just slightly won out, which you'll understand after watching the video.

You have a couple of cafes to choose from and not much else here, but that's perfect if you really want to get away. We found the anchorage had some swell rolling in but after deploying our swell bridle it made things perfectly comfortable aboard.


Our Time in St Mary's Bay

Talland Bay Anchorage

Screenshot 2023-09-09 at 13.32.32.png

Hanks Walk in Talland Bay

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