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St Mawes

Anchoring - FREE

The amazingly pretty anchorage of St Mawes is just across the water from Falmouth but feels a million miles apart in terms of it's culture. 

St Mawes has good holding and protection in North through to easterlies. There's a mixture of paid moorings and places to anchor but there's always been plenty of room to get in.

There's a large amount of recreational boat traffic here, mixed in with a few fishing vessels and a regular ferry to and from Falmouth. 

St Mawes itself has a floating pontoon which is free for 20mins or £5 for the day (in 2022), there is no in between. If you head over to the other side of the anchorage you can pull your dingy up on the beach and head off on amazing walks, but do take care not to get caught out on a sharp, jagged reef by the tide, it's a real pain, ask me how we know?

Our Time There


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