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Anchoring - Charged

Salcombe is a beautiful destination, no question. As soon as you sail in you immediately know that you've entered a playground for the rich and famous and for good reason, it's stunning. 

However, with a highly attractive area comes a lot of people and so this is possibly one of the busiest places (outside of the Solent) that we've visited so far. 

Upon entering the harbour there are a large selection of moorings dotted about and the first thing you notice is how packed they are. Every rental mooring had at least two boats on them, with three being a common sight too. 

It was for this reason that we ventured further up the river to an anchorage known as 'The Bag' (which you can see in this picture) which had great holding and a little more tranquility. From here it's about 5-10 mins on the dingy to get into town.

Screenshot 2023-01-04 at 17.43.57.png
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