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River Tamar

Anchoring - FREE

The River Tamar wowed us with miles of unexpected beauty. It was one of those unplanned stops that ended up being one of the real highlights of our exploration along the South Coast.

Truth be told we actually stayed on one of our Patrons moorings (Thank you again Stuart!) so this technically isn't somewhere we've anchored... yet! But we wanted to add it the list for a couple of reasons, firstly when we took the dingy up the river to a place called 'Calstock' we passed by and explored some absolutely staggering British countryside.

On our way up there we 'discovered' (with the help of some locals as well as our almanac and charts) a deep pool anchorage on the bend of the river, right before you get to the bridge you see in this picture. We have every intention on heading back to drop the hook in this spot ourselves, at which point we'll update this addition to the anchorages.

The entire area was so stunning that it's really worth taking the time to head up river.

Our Time There


Screenshot 2023-01-04 at 17.27.45.png

Hank's Walk

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