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Our Filming Equipment

When we shot our first videos in order to capture the start of our adventure, all we did was pull out our iPhones and shoot what we saw, at about a ratio of 50/50 correct vs incorrect shooting profile. So apologies in advance for the first couple of videos, we hope they're not too painful to watch.


These videos were only ever going to be for our friends and family to stay up to date with our crazy shenanigans, when all of a sudden, out of nowhere, a video we posted went (for us) viral and hit nearly 100,000 views which meant that a truck load of unexpected subscribers turned up too, although surprised, we're obviously not complaining about the fact that people who we didn't even know, wanted to see what happens next. 

After this happened we thought it'd be worth while to perhaps invest some time, effort and money into learning how to put more enjoyable videos together and that also meant we needed to buy some better camera equipment than an iPhone 5. So below is the current list of our camera gear.

If you also end up deciding you like the look of any of this gear and add some of these items to your filming arsenal, if you happen to do so using the links on this site, you'll be directly supporting us as we'll earn a tiny kick back from any purchases (at no extra expense to you). Although we know there are many ridiculously kind and generous people out there, please don't buy something just to help us, honestly, only buy something if you genuinely were about to upgrade your kit and like the look of these selections.


If you really want to support us directly,  there are far less expensive ways you can do that, which you can find out about here: 

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