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New Grimsby Sound

Anchoring Charged

Another remarkable spot in the Isles of Scilly, New Grimsby Sound is nestled between the north of Tresco and the south of the island of Bryher.

The water is once again gin clear and looks almost tropical in its colour and abundance of life. The anchorage itself is set within an area packed full of moorings. Spending a night on a mooring ball costs about double what it is to drop your hook here, boat size dependant.

The payment for the anchorage is fairly informal, like most things on the islands things are very laid back and much of the commerce relies on 'honesty boxes'. The same is mostly true of the anchorage, you take yourself to the pub on Tresco called 'The New Inn', although a harbour master will pop round from time to time, we only spoke to him once in ten days and instead went to the pub, you know, to do our duty.

There's fresh water available by tap on the jetty for Tresco too.

Our Time Here


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Hanks Walk

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