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Mevagissy - Polstreath Beach

Anchoring Free

I need to find new words, clearly but Mevagissey is another one of our favourite stops along the Cornish coast. Offering good protection from winds coming in from the west, Mevagissey also offers a good sand holding.

The beach is a short dingy ride and then you find yourself on perfect sand with crystal clear, blue water lapping on to the shore.

The town of Mevagissy itself is chock full of little shops with plenty of pubs and food stops. The town is a blend of a traditional fishing community with plenty of tourists during the summer months. 

Mevagissey is beautiful both above and below the water with plenty of of Bass, Mullet and lobsters to be found under the waves. I was even checked out by a large, male seal whilst I was hunting for dinner.

Anchoring near mevagissy just off Polstreath Beach in cornwall

Our Time in Mevagissy

Anchorage Near Mevagissy

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Hanks Walk in Mevagissy

5 Fun Facts About Mevagissy - Cornwall

  1. Fishing Village: Mevagissey is a historic fishing village located on the southern coast of Cornwall, England. Fishing has been the lifeblood of the village for centuries, and it still maintains a thriving fishing industry today. The bustling harbor is home to a fleet of fishing boats, and you can watch the fishermen at work and sample fresh seafood in the local restaurants.

  2. Narrow Streets and Alleys: Mevagissey is known for its narrow streets and alleys that wind through the village. The streets are lined with colorful fishermen's cottages, charming shops, and traditional pubs. Exploring these quaint lanes is like stepping back in time and adds to the village's unique character.

  3. Mevagissey Museum: The village is home to the Mevagissey Museum, which showcases the local history and heritage. The museum exhibits artifacts and displays that provide insights into Mevagissey's fishing past, its geological significance, and the lives of the people who have called the village home.

  4. Festivals and Events: Mevagissey hosts various festivals and events throughout the year, offering a vibrant atmosphere for locals and visitors alike. The Mevagissey Feast Week is a highlight, featuring parades, live music, competitions, and traditional Cornish games. The Annual Mevagissey Shanty Festival celebrates the village's seafaring traditions with performances of maritime folk music.

  5. Coastal Walks and Beaches: Mevagissey is situated on the stunning South West Coast Path, offering breathtaking coastal walks. You can embark on scenic hikes that take you along towering cliffs, secluded coves, and sandy beaches. Nearby attractions include the beautiful Gorran Haven beach and the striking Chapel Point with its panoramic views.


These facts showcase the charm, history, cultural events, and natural beauty of Mevagissey. Whether you're interested in its fishing heritage, exploring its narrow streets, immersing yourself in local festivals, or enjoying coastal walks, Mevagissey offers a delightful experience for visitors.

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