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Mevagissy - Polstreath Beach

Anchoring Free

I need to find new words, clearly but Mevagissey is another one of our favourite stops along the Cornish coast. Offering good protection from winds coming in from the west, Mevagissey also offers a god, sand holding.

The beach is a short dingy ride and then you find yourself on perfect sand with crystal clear, blue water lapping on to the shore.

The town of Mevagissy itself is chock full of little shops with plenty of pubs and food stops. The town is a blend of a traditional fishing community with plenty of tourists during the summer months. 

Mevagissey is beautiful both above and below the water with plenty of of Bass, Mullet and lobsters to be found under the waves. I was even checked out by a large, male seal whilst I was hunting for dinner.

Our Time There


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Hanks Walk

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