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Lantic Bay

Anchoring Cost - Free!

Paradise if you have wind from the North! This place is just stunning. The picture you see is shot just straight out of the camera. The place is perfect.

Well, it's perfect as long as you don't need to pop to the shop as there's nothing close by at all if you want to dingy and walk. Speaking of which, if you want to get from your boat to the top of the coastal path, it's quite the hike, but worth it for the vantage point!

The water is crystal clear, the holding is mostly sand and in many cases you can see the seabed from your boat.The beaches got very busy with sun worshippers when we were there, but who can blame them. Most people had to make quite the hike to get to enjoy this spot and it's well worth it.

If things get rolly then Fowey is just a couple of miles around the corner.

Our Time Here


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Hanks Walk

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