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Hope Cove

Anchoring Cost - Free!

There is surely only so many times I can use the term 'one of our favourite destinations' before it loses all meaning, but this place is so, so special. 

You need the wind to be from the north right round to the South East to fully reap the rewards of this anchorage, but if you can, boy oh boy! The water was gin clear, the place is teaming with life as people enjoy the water, and there are a handful of delightful beaches which at high tide, in the evenings, you could very well have all to yourself.

The walks are just more of what you'd expect from this part of the country, perfect, and there's a lovely little village with a couple of pubs, just a short walk from where you'd land your dingy. Hope Cove is a little slice of paradise when the weather is on your side. 

Our Time There

The Anchorage 

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Hanks Walk

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