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Fishcombe Cove

Anchoring Cost - Free!

This little beauty of a spot actually gets quite busy with bathers, swimmers and family enjoying the tiny little beaches found inside this tranquil little cove.

The water is a beautiful turquoise colour and is surrounded in an almost horseshoe shape with stunning hillsides and cliffs which you can easily walk up for a better vantage point, much like this picture that Carly snapped of me swimming in the cove, that tiny black dot is actually my head.

At the time we stayed there you had one free mooring in the cove itself and then the rest of us had to anchor just outside the entrance to the cove.

There's a little cafe just off of the beach where you can land the dingy. A great spot to grab a coffee before heading off on a choice of stunning woodland walks.

There seem to be some resident seals swimming around in the cove, which we saw almost every day, we think one of them may have had a nibble at Hanks paws when he was swimming in the Cove too, as Hank swiftly got out of the water and then spent the next ten minutes barking at anything which seemed to move in it.

You're also walking distance to the hustle and Bustle of Brixham town centre itself.

Fishcombe Cove Anchorage in Devon

Our Time There

The Anchorage 

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Hanks Walk

5 Fun Facts About Fishcombe Cove - Devon

  1. Secluded Cove: Fishcombe Cove is a beautiful and secluded cove located near Brixham in South Devon, England. It is tucked away in a wooded valley and offers a tranquil and peaceful setting away from the crowds. The cove is known for its unspoiled natural beauty and is a hidden gem for those seeking a quieter beach experience.

  2. Jurassic Coast: Fishcombe Cove is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site known as the Jurassic Coast. This stretch of coastline is renowned for its geological significance and contains rocks and fossils dating back millions of years. Visitors to Fishcombe Cove can explore the rocks and cliffs, keeping an eye out for interesting geological formations and fossil discoveries.

  3. Marine Wildlife: The waters surrounding Fishcombe Cove are teeming with marine life. Snorkelers and divers often visit the cove to observe the diverse underwater ecosystem. You may spot a variety of marine creatures, including colorful fish, crabs, and even the occasional seal or dolphin.

  4. Wooded Walks: The cove is accessible via a scenic wooded walk that winds its way down through the trees. The path provides a pleasant stroll with glimpses of the sea along the way. Walking through the woodland adds to the sense of adventure and discovery when reaching the cove.

  5. Historical Significance: Fishcombe Cove has historical significance and was once the site of a busy lime kiln industry. Lime kilns were used to burn limestone to produce lime for construction purposes. The remains of these kilns can still be seen in the area, adding an element of historical interest to the cove.

These facts highlight the secluded and natural beauty of Fishcombe Cove, its connection to the Jurassic Coast, the rich marine wildlife, the scenic wooded walks, and its historical significance. Whether you're interested in exploring the beach, snorkeling, or simply enjoying the peaceful surroundings, Fishcombe Cove offers a tranquil escape on the South Devon coast.

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