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Burgh Island- Devon

Anchoring Cost - FREE

Burgh Island is located on the South Coast of Devon in a place called Bigbury-on-Sea. It's a privately owned, rugged little island, surrounded by crystal clear water, teeming with life. 

The Anchorage is free of charge and can be somewhat busy during the day, but there's plenty of room for everyone and it doesn't at all feel over crowded. You'll drop the hook and bed down in sand for a good holding.

Come night-fall and the anchorage will be vacated. You can be somewhat open to swell in this spot so many use it as a lunch destination, although we simply set up a swell-bridle and enjoyed a peaceful nights sleep.


Our Time at Burgh Island

Burgh Island Anchorage

Screenshot 2023-09-04 at 18.06.16.png

Hanks Walk around Burgh Island

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