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Barn Pool

Anchoring Cost - Free!

This beautiful little anchorage inside Plymouth harbour is totally free of charge and it's very easy to get to shore. The anchorage itself was very deep, the water depth from the beach drops off very sharply and so you can find yourself anchored very close to the shore indeed, which felt a bit concerning at times.

It took a few attempts to get our anchor set and some of the locals we spoke to attributed this to large concrete slabs being dumped in the water many years ago by the military. Regardless, we managed to bed in, but after warnings from the locals about potentially getting our anchor stuck, coupled with the depth of the water, we decided to use a trip like with our anchor here, just in case we did get snagged on anything down there.

There's frequently passing boats here and so there's some wash to be expected but this all calmed down by the evening, although we were caught off guard one evening when we went to take Hank to shore for his last toilet break, in the dark, and a group of Royal Marines jumped out in front of us who were practicing water craft landings at night. Certainly an interesting spot. 


This place is steeped in history and there are several amazing walks, right off of the boat. 

Barn pool anchorage in plymouth

Our Time in Barn Pool

Barn Pool Anchorage

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Hanks Walk in Barn Pool

5 Fun Facts About Barn Pool Anchorage

  1. Sheltered Anchorage: Barn Pool is a natural harbor located on the eastern shore of Plymouth Sound in Devon, England. It provides a sheltered anchorage for boats and ships, offering protection from strong winds and rough seas. The calm waters make it a popular spot for mooring and anchoring vessels.

  2. Historic Importance: Barn Pool has played a significant role in Plymouth's maritime history. It was once a bustling hub for trade, fishing, and naval activities. The anchorage was used by local fishing boats and served as a stopping point for larger vessels during their journeys.

  3. Navigational Landmark: The distinctive red-and-white-striped Smeaton's Tower lighthouse stands at the entrance to Barn Pool, serving as a navigational landmark for mariners entering or leaving the harbor. Smeaton's Tower is a decommissioned lighthouse that was originally built on the Eddystone Rocks but was moved to its current location in 1884.

  4. Scenic Views: Barn Pool Anchorage offers picturesque views of the surrounding coastline and Plymouth Sound. From the anchorage, you can enjoy vistas of the historic Plymouth Hoe, the breakwater, and the stunning Devon coastline. The peaceful atmosphere and beautiful scenery make it a popular spot for sailors, kayakers, and those seeking a tranquil coastal experience.

  5. Recreation and Leisure: In addition to its maritime significance, Barn Pool is also enjoyed by recreational boaters, kayakers, and paddleboarders. The calm waters and scenic surroundings make it an ideal location for water-based activities and leisurely exploration of the coastline. It is a great place to experience the beauty of Plymouth's coastal environmen 

These facts highlight the historical, navigational, and recreational aspects of Barn Pool Anchorage, showcasing its importance and attraction to both maritime enthusiasts and those seeking a scenic coastal experience in Plymouth.

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